AWAKENING: Alberto Cont & Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer


Exhibition extended until May 31th, 2017

galerie proarta alberto cont per aspera ad astra 2014 acrylic and resin on canvas 170 x 220 cm

Galerie Proarta is looking forward to welcome you at our upcoming exhibition AWAKENING with new works by Alberto Cont and Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer.

Both contemporary artists share decades working towards their artistic journey. Despite working in different chosen medium; Alberto Cont two-dimensional paintings and Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer three –dimensional sculptures, their work share similar elements, complimenting each other.

In Awakening we selected new works by both artists that celebrate the use of colour and awaken our senses. Colour is a key component in their work as well as the subject which is centered on geometrical forms, circles and sharp, shaded vertical lines that evoke light and transcendence.

Alberto Cont lives and works in Paris, France.

Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer lives and works close to Düsseldorf, Germany

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