Dan Baldwin (1972, Manchester) is a living artist who produces paintings, ceramics, book covers and album art. He studied Communication Media at the Eastbourne College of Art and Design where he received his BA in 1995. He also received a BA with honors in Illustration from Kent Institute of Art and Design in Maidstone.
The subject matter of his art varies from the rumination on love, memory or philosophy yet his work still depicts his commentary on contemporary society and politics. The artist likes to think of his work as allegorical aiming to conquer the interior of his own mind. His work shows influences from Henry Darden illustrations on the convergence with pop art. His mediums range from paint to glazes to diamond dust to 3D media.
Baldwin continues to work on new projects as a solo artist as well as in collaboration with other artists. Some of his most notable collectors include Sir Ronald Cohen, Bernie Ecclestone, and Damien Hirst. His works are also housed in the permanent collection of The Groucho Club, The Wellington, Cafe Royal and House of St. Barnabas Club.