Sonia Delaunay was born in 1885 in the Ukraine and grew up in Saint Petersburg, raised by her uncle. In 1905, she moves to Paris where she meets Picasso, Braque and Derain. During this time she creates her first tapestries. In 1910, she gets married with Robert Delaunay. When the First World War broke out, the Delaunays left France and returned to Paris in 1920. She works as interior designer and scene-painter, sews costumes for the theater and has her own fashion salon. Due to the economic crisis, she closes her shop in 1931 and dedicates herself to painting. In 1941 her husband Robert dies. Afterwards her paintings are shown in Paris and in 1955 takes place her first solo exhibition in New York City. Several exhibitions follow in Europe as well in the USA.
She dies in 1979 in her atelier in Paris.